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For over 15 years Maggie Sarfo has been very interested in and worked with a variety of people on Personal Development, Personal Growth and Peak Performance.

Having worked in the corporate, small and midsize business worlds and now in her own businesses, she comes across instances where successful people are faced with blocks that prevent them from reaching their highest potential.

Combining her business and people development skills with holistic modalities, she enables her clients to bring all 4 aspects of themselves into balance – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

She also helps them identify and develop their purpose in alignment with their essence.

This forms the basis of the 30 Days to Peak Performance Programme®. The programme has the following 3 elements. Clients can choose individual modules or do all 3 at a discounted rate.

Based in the UK, Maggie serves local and global clients in person or remotely (via Zoom/Skype).

1. Peak Performance – 3 sessions that helps you balance physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of yo30 DAYS TO PPu. This helps you access your highest potential – career/business, personal life etc. It includes practical steps like designing your morning practice, dealing with mindset issues and many more tools specifically tailored to your needs.  (£199) – Book Sessions

2. Purpose Identification/Development – A session that helps you develop your purpose based on your soul essence. It addresses challenged aspects of you; so you can live to your fullest potential – career/business, personal life etc. We start with an Akashic Records Consultation which helps eliminate all guess-work. (£99) – Book Session

3. 30 Days to Healthy-Living and beyond – A free report, guide, 2-part consultation and programme (with nutrition products) for adapting to more suitable eating habits that supports your peak performance. (£199) – Join Programme

Here’s what others are saying:

“I recently had an Akashic Record reading / Peak Performance Consultation with Maggie because I was looking for clarity regarding the direction of my work and businesses. Maggie was easy to work with and created an environment where I felt safe to ask the questions I really needed the answers too. I found the session fascinating and it certainly helped to clarify and answer the questions that have been running through my mind over the past few months. Since having the session, I have felt more self-assured in what I plan to do and need to do. It has also help increase my self-confidence as a result because I now have clarity in where my work needs to be heading. I now know where I need to focus my energies both on a personal development level and from a business perspective. Thank you for your help.”  – L Kennard, UK

“I was fortunate enough to have a peak performance session with Maggie. The e-mail communication Maggie sent beforehand was very professional and I knew what I could expect. Maggie was there on time and gave me a detailed explanation of the session. Through her presence she held the space in which we were able to address some very deep personal issues. She always asked my feedback and listened closely to what I had to say. After the session, Maggie was willing to answer my questions about her work honestly and I always had the feeling I was treated as an individual with individual needs. She was quick with sending me the recording and the info she had promised me. I felt I worked with a real professional who had done the inner work to be a good coach. Thanks for reading…” – B Brankovic, Germany

“Maggie Sarfo – OOOH LADY!!!! You’re sooo cool, I loved my Akashic Record reading, so amazingly beautiful and insightful, I can’t actually find the words. Probably because there are no words for our world. 🙂 You confirmed that my TEAM are busy working with me and of course that I have my favourite EVER heading up my mission this go round.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”  – 
D Derham, UK      

          “Here’s the kicker…brace yourselves… I was NEVER ever ever hungry. I seriously had to FORCE myself 30DaysHealthyLinvingto eat something for dinner or have a protein shake after work. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The shakes were my favorite part of the whole thing. I mean, have you all tried regular protein powder? Don’t they make you want to VOM? These actually taste really frickin’ good! 

Sandra A, California – US

To find out more, book your 30min Complimentary Peak Performance session HERE.

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