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This is my blog where I have fun writing on about Sales Growth, Personal Development and Peak Performance! For the official website for my company Meres Consult Ltd, CLICK HERE.

In case you’re wondering, I love meeting new people, forming new relationships, travelling, beach holidays, beach houses, hiking, tennis, yoga, good food and being a social butterfly.

A passionate sales growth advisor for ambitious business leaders, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. After 15 years of helping many wonderful corporate clients, entrepreneurs and sales professionals make positive decisions resulting in exponential growth in their businesses or personal/career journeys, I decided it was time to make a drastic change!

In 2011, having navigated the corporate world to a 6 figure income, I started experiencing the ‘job dissatisfaction’ syndrome, followed by an AHA moment! Am I living my mantra: ‘doing what I want, when I want to do it?

If you guessed the answer as ‘No’, you’re right. I realised my job was no longer aligned with my purpose; at least not to the extent of my dreams.

I realised I could enable more people to achieve greater success by tapping into both their innate abilities  as well as acquired skills.

Business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who work with me now say they explode sales revenue and/or attain their highest potential.

A series of events led me to set up businesses combining my deep experience with an unflinching desire to help businesses leaders improve sales growth via a conscious proven approach; rather than simply following the crowd. A differentiating angle is my ability to approach each client in a tailored way. I combine consultative, value and outcome selling methodologies with a human-centered element for better buy-in (from all stakeholders); and more profitability.

Clients explode sales growth, increase revenue and perform at their peak. Book Appointment – Strategy Review (Complimentary)

From a holistic angle I’m an Akashic Records Consultant. I mentor ambitious business leaders so they can make the right decisions around business, career or life paths. They are also able to identify/develop their purpose; choosing career or life paths that are more in alignment with their essence and passions. Book Appointment – Purpose/Peak Performance (Complimentary)

I draw great insight from my personal journey; exploring challenges, mindset and activities that get results quickly.

Mentoring on attracting the right kind of clients, correct alignment between stakeholders in relationships, prospecting, closing sales, retention and loyalty strategies, online marketing, social media strategies and revenue growth are my biggest passions at the moment. These strategies, combined with effective tactical execution, show results in your life and business quickly.

So, are you ready to explore more with me? Learn more here and let’s go on a thrilling journey!

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