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Do you feel there’s more to you and yet struggle to access your highest potential?

Are you going through deep or traumatic transformation: life, career, relationships, financial?

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t quite belong here; have a mission to fulfil but baffled as to how to remember the true you, why you’re here and what it takes to make impact?

Do you think you may be, or call yourself an alchemist, transformer, world changer, teacher, lightworker, old/advanced soul, starseed, indigo, healer, twin flame, wanderer, etc.

I am Maggie Sarfo – a personal/spiritual growth mentor and a certified Akashic Records consultant.

I have gone through most of the above scenarios in this lifetime; and continue to do the work it takes to attain my highest potential.

Having come a long way on my personal growth journey I transitioned from a corporate career, (with various business growth and leadership roles), to continue what I’ve always loved doing for over 17 years; enabling people to remove blocks that stand in their way of success.

The difference is, there are now have better tools and amazing teams to help remove all doubt from the equation. We tap into one of the biggest and purest resources we have on our planet today – the Akashic Records; the library of information for a soul’s past, current and future events.

You would normally experience the highest vibrational frequency – LOVE and non-judgement.

Clients typically report a newly energised life that enables them to live their dream/balanced life and in relation to others – career/business, personal life, financial, relationships etc.

I also provide webinars, 1-2-1 consultations/readings, coaching/mentoring programmes, speaking/consulting engagements, workshops, eBooks, guides etc.

Using personal journey stories, interventions and the Akashic Records, we’re excited to provide and hold space for you to identify/develop your life’s essence and address challenged aspects of you that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

I serve as a conscious channel; writing, speaking and providing deep insight on new ways of living, forming relationships, doing business and moving more into higher levels of being.

This site is also dedicated to assisting your personal growth journey; so you can live your life to your highest potential and/or navigate your ascension path, twin flame journey or your soul’s mission.



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“I recently had an Akashic Record / Peak Performance Consultation with Maggie because I was looking for clarity regarding the direction of my work and businesses.

Since having the session, I have felt more self-assured in what I plan to do and need to do. It has also help increase my self-confidence as a result because I now have clarity in where my work needs to be heading.

I now know where I need to focus my energies both on a personal development level and from a business perspective. Thank you for your help.”  
L Kennard – UK



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