Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, advisor and mentor for ambitious people looking to access their highest potential.

For over 15 years, she’s come across people who are faced with blocks that prevent them from living their lives to their fullest potential.

She woke up one morning with the sound of Akasha ringing in her ears. This led her to discover the Akashic Records as a tool to unlock these blocks and heal herself and others; so they can move forward in confidence.

She’s certified as an Akashic Records consultant and specialises in personal and business Akashic Records.

As the creator of The CreateBalance® Programme, Maggie combines holistic modalities with her business and people development abilities to balance all 4 aspects of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She’s also an expert in helping you identify/develop your true purpose in alignment with life, relationships, career, business etc.

Based in the UK, Maggie serves local and global clients in person or remotely (via Zoom/Skype).

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What others say:

“I recently had an Akashic Record reading / Peak Performance Consultation with Maggie because I was looking for clarity regarding the direction of my work and businesses. Maggie was easy to work with and created an environment where I felt safe to ask the questions I really needed the answers too. I found the session fascinating and it certainly helped to clarify and answer the questions that have been running through my mind over the past few months. Since having the session, I have felt more self-assured in what I plan to do and need to do. It has also help increase my self-confidence as a result because I now have clarity in where my work needs to be heading. I now know where I need to focus my energies both on a personal development level and from a business perspective. Thank you for your help.”  – L Kennard, UK