In today’s vlog, we discuss How to be more self-aware – the four types of people who are on the self awareness journey. Thank you to everyone who submitted their questions.  These have been answered towards the end of the video.

Self awareness is a hype topic and can be a word that is thrown around quite a bit. In the video below, also hosted on our YouTube Channel: Purpose and Personal Growth, we address the topic from various angles as highlighted below.

What is Self Awareness – How Can You be More Self Aware?

Self awareness is our ability to know ourselves better and in relation to others as we go through life and our self development journey.


We explore the internal and external elements of self-awarenness. We then look at this in relation to the Akashic Records.

Four Types of People on the Self Awareness Journey

There four types of people on the self awareness journey in terms of how they assess their level of self awareness. Which of these can you identify with the most? It’s important to recognise all levels as a journey towards becoming more of ‘The Aware’ type. A fine and aligned balance between who we are and how we express and contribute to others and the world.

The Seeker – A starter with low internal self awareness and low external self awareness.

The Pleaser –  Does the ‘right’ things for desired external feedback. Low internal self-awareness, high external self awareness (perceived).

The Self-centred (Introspective) – Overly focused on personal gain and sometimes to the detriment of others. High internal self awareness, low external self awareness.

The Aware – Knows who they are and act in an aligned way that demostrates a good balance between contribution to self, others, the world etc. High internal self awarenes, high external self awareness.

Consciousness & Awareness – are they the same?

Our Q & A session throws more light on this. We also answer other questions around taking simple steps to start or improve your self awareness journey. You can submit your Personal Growth and Akashic Records questions HERE. It will be answered anonymously on our next Q & A session in June. The theme is Self-Healing.

Check out the final tips of wisdom at the end – where I also share my favourite personal quote:

“Our liberty ends where someone else’s begins”. – Maggie Sarfo

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