Welcome to our Wellness Universe clients!

Preparation for Your Akashic Records Consultation

Thank you for your Akashic Records consultation booking and I’m looking forward to our session.



–         If you haven’t done so, it will be great if you can watch the WU class I hosted to explain the Akashic Records here.
–          Click Here to agree to your Akashic Records Consent form before the consultation.

Next Steps:

In preparation for this consultation please follow the following guidelines:

– The session will take place at SoulTreat Fall, Sedona.

– Write down one question concerning an area of your life you are interested in receiving information about (sample questions below). Please develop your own question so the consultation will best serve you. No need to send me your question before hand.

– Do not use any recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to the consultation. Prescription drugs are acceptable.

– Allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information.

– Drink plenty of water afterwards.

Some suggested guideline questions:

 What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time? What is at the root cause of it? What are my
resources to resolve it? What lesson am I to learn from this?

 What talents did I incarnate with that I need to use now to further my growth?

 Relationships?

 What resource(s) can I utilize to assist me with parenting? In my marriage? Etc.

 What is the underlying issue between _______________ (mother, boss, spouse, etc.) and
 What do I need to know about this? How do I bring this into resolution?

 What messages do my spiritual assistants (angels, guides, Masters, etc.) Want me to know
at this time?

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.