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What are the Akashic Records - Part 2

Purpose/Peak Performance Session

Your Purpose Identification/Development session enables you to identify and address challenged aspects of you that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams. You can then live to your fullest potential and in relation to others – career/business, personal life etc.

More information will be provided once your appointment is booked.

    60 min Consultation




Akashic Records Consultation (Business/Personal)

Your Akashic Records Consultation enables you to identify and address challenged aspects of you/your business that are preventing you from achieving your desired lifestyle or business goals.

You can then live to your fullest potential and in relation to others – career/business, personal life etc.

Holding the space for you to dialogue with your higher self and higher beings, we eliminate all guess work; delving into past, present and future issues.

More information will be provi

      60 min Consultation 




Energy Clearing and Creation meditationA package of 3 mentoring sessions that helps you balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you; so you can access your highest potential – career/business, personal life etc.(with practical steps like designing your morning/evening practice, dealing with mindset issues, removing doubt and fear, cancelling and replacing past life vows/contracts etc).After payment, you will schedule your first appointment and we’ll book the rest during our first session.These sessions are also great for integrating the information you’ve received from your Akashic Records into your day-to-day life in a way that serves you best and helps attain your highest potential.

Package Consultation (3 Mentoring Sessions)




Media & Speaking

Media & Speaking

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“I was fortunate enough to have a peak performance session with Maggie. The e-mail communication Maggie sent beforehand was very professional and I knew what I could expect.

Maggie was there on time and gave me a detailed explanation of the session. Through her presence she held the space in which we were able to address some very deep personal issues.

She always asked my feedback and listened closely to what I had to say. After the session, Maggie was willing to answer my questions about her work honestly and I always had the feeling I was treated as an individual with individual needs.

She was quick with sending me the recording and the info she had promised me. I felt I worked with a real professional who had done the inner work to be a good coach. Thanks for the reading!” 

Brankovic, Berlin – Germany